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Wedding Looks- 23 Premium Presets

(5 customer reviews)

Original price was: ₹2,399.00.Current price is: ₹499.00.

23 Premium presets for Lightroom (mobile+Desktop)/ Photoshop

Instant download, Lifetime Use

Active Personal Support & Installation guide


“Great….. Should buy for Indian wedding post-production.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐– Adarsh S.(✅Verified)

Are you a wedding photographer looking to save time and elevate your work? Our wedding presets for Lightroom and Photoshop are here to help!

Our presets are specifically designed for weddings, with a focus on enhancing skin tones, making whites look bright and clean, and adding a touch of magic to your photos.

Reasons to Use Wedding Looks

Saves time: Presets allow you to quickly and easily apply a consistent look and feel to multiple photos at once, saving you hours of editing time.

Creates a consistent look: With presets, you can create a signature style and apply it consistently across your portfolio, making your work more recognizable and memorable.

Enhances your photos: Presets are designed to enhance your photos, whether by adding depth and dimension, improving skin tones, or boosting colors, resulting in more striking and impactful images.

Allows for experimentation: Presets allow you to experiment with different looks and styles without having to start from scratch each time, giving you more creative freedom and flexibility.

Compatible with various file types: Most presets are compatible with both RAW and JPEG files, allowing you to work with any type of photo and still achieve stunning results.

Easy to use: Presets are typically easy to install and use, requiring just a few clicks to apply and adjust settings as needed.

Giving your photographs a professional tone while keeping the consistency can be a daunting and time taking process. Especially when you have loads of photographs or you click a lot. Our presets are perfect for beginners or even professionals looking for a quick and easy way to edit pictures on the go.

Having Moody Presets can save you time and help you edit your photographs on the go. That’s why over 10,000 Photographers and Influencers are using our presets to give their images a creative edge.


What version of Adobe Lightroom do they work on?

Lightroom: They work on every version of Lightroom. On Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile; every device you can load the app on.

Photoshop: You can use them in Photoshop CC- all versions.

Our presets are compatible with JPEG files (including iPhone and Android Phone pictures) as well as RAW images.


Additional info 

  • Lightroom Mobile App is completely free! You don’t need to subscribe to Lightroom. All you need is the free Lightroom app on your phone!
  • Once your payment is received you’ll receive an automatic confirmation email with links to your presets, and if you need help installing the presets go to our Instructions page. Don’t worry, it’s very quick and easy!
  • If you have a query or issue don’t hesitate to touch base with us. Mail us at or Whatsapp chat Support: +91-6386882705.

5 reviews for Wedding Looks- 23 Premium Presets

  1. Satish Kumar

    Just purchased this package and the presets are mind blowing. Worth it.

  2. Dhiraj Parmar

    Recommend it

  3. Harish gawde

    go for it without thinking twice.

  4. Arun

    Premium quality. I like it very much.

  5. Kritika


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Wedding Looks- 23 Premium Presets